Saturday, November 20, 2004

Iraq: They Love Us Not -- They Love Us!

The Iraq war is many things. It is a struggle for our soldiers -- it's a struggle toward a better life for Iraqis. The media has reported to America that the Iraqi people detest the ‘occupation’ of their country and want us out of Iraq. The subliminal message is we should just get out while the gettin' is good! We are told Iraq is too dangerous for our soldiers and support personnel to be there. Yet some believe that 'Iraq is safer for some than Washington, DC', as reported on Shark Blog.

War is HELL! War however, is a process. Regrettably, some people make the ultimate sacrifice for a nation -- a nation that is working to protect its citizenry from harm. Working to move a country fraught with despair, to a country of hope and freedom. On Fox News yesterday there was discussion about the vast oil reserves the Iraqi people hold. With 24 million people these pundits predict the Iraqi people will have one of the highest per capita income rates in the World.

In fact, Dr. Henry Thompson, who holds a PhD in applied economics from Auburn University has studied Iraq at length and has similar findings. The following is an excerpt from what he wrote:

"Over the coming decades, Iraq can become wealthy. Estimated productive assets in the US according to the World Bank are $60,000 per capita and in the world $5,000 per capita. If Iraq invests 1/4 of its oil revenue for the next 20 years, it would match current US productive assets per capita."
They say pictures are worth a thousand words. These pictures are just in from Iraq. They help illustrate some of the accomplishments of the Iraqi people, our soldiers, and our nation have made.

It bothers me that some Americans are so quick to criticize? The terrorists and the insurgents are using the time old 'divide and concur' strategy. That's really the only way 'they' hope to prevail. Put the politics aside. We can win this effort more conclusively, more effectively, if we support the effort as a unified nation.
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